Welcome to Imprint Films

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About Us


What is a life?  We live each day of our lives thinking about our next step.  Where will life take me today?  What path can I follow that will lead me in the right direction?  The thing that we really don’t see often is that each step we take leaves a footprint.  Every piece of advice we give, every time we extend our hand in aid or in friendship; every time we shake our fist for a cause or a belief leaves its mark.  Each story we tell leaves its lasting impression -  Its imprint.

But the sad truth is, like our footprints in the sand, imprints fade over time. 

Welcome to Imprint Films.  

Our mission is to capture those pivotal moments, those monumental choices, those memorable stories before they fade away – so that they can be looked back on and enjoyed by your family for generations to come. 

If you think about it, the greatest stories we know, and the roots of our wisdom, we hold in our hearts because someone we love shared them with us, so that we can share them with others. Imprint Films is here to make sure those great stories and gems of wisdom aren’t lost in time. 

The mission of our award-winning team is to create professionally produced, high quality, biographical films of our precious loved ones that capture those stories before they are gone.   These films include intimate interviews, pictures, home videos, stock footage and a full musical score. A piece to enjoy now and to pass down through the generations.

You, your family, and your friends will appreciate this artistic time capsule of the most special people in your life.  Or, as a memorable gift FOR those loved ones, you can share your own stories, wisdom and accomplishments.  A true imprint of who you really are, and what these people mean to you in your life.