With a long career in the television industry as a director, producer and writer, Mark has helped bring to life projects including “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for HBO, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, a dozen A&E Biographies (Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin James, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day and more), along with countless stand-up comedy and music series and specials for HBO, Comedy Central and Showtime.  He has worked with such notables as Bono, Jackson Browne, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Bill Hader, Howie Mandel and many more.  Along the way, for various projects, he has had the great honor of interviewing many notable figures.  President George Bush Senior, President Bill Clinton, George Lucas, Rosa Parks, Billy Crystal, Dave Chappelle, Quincy Jones and Whoopi Goldberg are among the many.  It is this personal love of interviewing that Mark brings to Imprint Films.  As Mark says, “Everyone has a great story to tell.”  He is honored to bring those stories to light.



Michael envisioned joining a team of artists and filmmakers to produce heart warming and inspiring personal documentaries. Imprint Films was born.

Michael is a seasoned peace builder who draws on many years as a yoga practitioner for inspiration and inner tranquility. He has inspired people to take positive actions for peace through his writing, personal coaching, public speaking, documentaries, national and local media interviews and community events. 

For many decades, Michael has used his creative talents to create documentaries on social issues and global peace initiatives. He brings this experience, skill and heart to the creation of documentaries that tell personal life stories through Imprint Films.


Nick is a director, producer and editor who has created hundreds of projects from commercials to episodic narratives as well as feature length narrative and documentary films. 

He has produced work for some of the largest corporations and not-for-profits on the planet: GE, Johnson & Johnson, WholeFoods, NASA and many more.

After producing a 10 part series on END OF LIFE for the National Board of Chaplins, he became increasingly interested in the concept of the Legacy film and teamed up to create what is now IMPRINT FILMS.