"If you record your story you get to live it twice and your children get to live it twice. We live by story. History. Herstory. And if you take them all together you have the wstory of the world."

-Ruth Sidransky


"My father never talked about his early childhood. If I could go back and say 'Dad, wake up...I want to talk about what happened.' That would be great! If he could have had you questioning him during a legacy session, that would be great! Then I would have it now "

-Saul Hyman


 "I am so honored by the film you have put together. It is truly a magnificent legacy piece . I so humbly thank you for creating such an authentic touching video. There are not enough words I can say that illustrate my understanding of how you  chose to reflect through sensitive visuals touching into my life revealing my inner self. My heart's gratitude . May we all receive Blessings as a result of this delicate caring of a life. Infinite love for a more integrated peaceful world."

-Nina Meyerhof